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10 awesome WordPress tips and hacks for beginners

Starting your career as a blogger, or maybe you want to finally step into the next milestone of getting your business online can be really easy if you know all the technicalities and the ‘do not!’ Avoid having your website fail miserably in what’s supposed to be an amazing debut of user engagements and profits.

Some of these wordpress site tips are the beginner packages for getting your website out there and letting people find you. From complexities like SEO keywords to security, design, theme and so much more, you need a basic and deep knowledge of every important tool on WordPress to be a successful site owner.

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  • Create a well-laid-out plan of how you want your site to look like and what features you want in it.
  • Make use of backup verification codes to log into your WordPress website from other devices.
  • Make sure you have an HTTPS or SSL and not an HTTP.
  • Use a custom permalink in your website.
  • Add icons to your navigation menu.
  • Do a thorough and regular check for broken links on your site.
  • Add custom fonts to your WordPress website to make it more unique and fun.
  • Install a plug-in SEO.
  • Prioritize all safety measures on your website.
  • Watch theme demos before you install the proper theme for your website.

These are just a small part of some amazing WordPress site tips you can implement in building that dreamy profitable website you want to start up. Build your knowledge and just startup, they say, practice makes perfect.