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Amazing Reasons Why You Should Explore Western Mass

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are becoming less strict than how it was a year ago,  for sure you are now planning your next adventure. If you are from Massachusetts, then you might want to Explore Western Mass, specifically Amherst. This is the heart of Western Massachusetts that is definitely worth visiting. When going abroad is not an option for an adventurer like you these days, then it is best to explore locally. Here are the top things that you can do while in Amherst.

Restaurant: Johnny’s Tavern

This is one of the most visited restaurants in Amherst. Located at the heart of the community, Johnny’s Tavern offers locals and visitors alike the chance to experience their delicious cuisine as you enjoy the comfortable and friendly ambiance. They have everything that you would want to try – rich soups, poke bowls, salads, steaks, fresh seafood, and so much more.

Culture: National Yiddish Book Center

If you want to learn a little bit more about their Jewish cultural heritage, then this is the best place to visit. The National Yiddish Book Center is the perfect pit stop for those who are exploring Amherst. It is free to visit this destination even though it is one of the country‘s largest  Jewish cultural organizations. There are plenty of events to enjoy here – tours, lectures, Sunday film viewing, exhibits, concerts, and more.

Farm Flavors: Atkins Farms Country Market

Want to taste what the farmers here have to offer? Then visit the Atkins Farms Country Market. This is one of the best places to visit during your tour. The options of what you can try here are endless. From their flower baskets, homemade ice cream to a delicious sandwich. You should also try the market’s signature apple cider donuts.

Art: The Museum of Picture Book Art

Do you love art? Then you should visit this museum of picture book art. You can enjoy here some local picture books to the cultural works from all across the globe. If you are amazed by picture books, then your eyes and heart will be filled with joy when you visit this museum as it is specifically dedicated to the collection, preservation, and of course, the appreciation of picture book art of all sizes and varieties.

Shopping: Western Mass Area

If you love shopping, then there are a number of places here that you can visit depending on what sounds good for you. If you want to go to a place to find a little bit of everything, then the Holyoke Mall is the place to visit. There are plenty of antique stores, candy shops, and even craft boutiques here where you can buy local souvenirs.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure that you add Amherst to one of your itineraries before 2021 ends. For sure you have a lot of places on your list, but if you are near Massachusets, then take the time to visit your local tourist spot first. Visit the places mentioned above. It is time for you to experience Amherst like you never did before.