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project LEXICON

How do you play project Lexicon games like a pro?

project LEXICON is a word game in which a player needs to fill the empty board with the known suitable words in the blank spaces.

There are four major ticks to play the project LEXICON game like a pro.

  • Use a letter with high points
  • Extend the word
  • Leading chum
  • Keep track of achievements

Use a letter with high points

When you want to play the word game like a pro, you need to use big words to score more points in the game. Use words with five to seven letters minimum. That will help you get more bonus points in the game. Small words won’t help you get more points, and you don’t even get bonus points for the words.

project LEXICON

Extend the word

Extend the words while playing the game. For example, if you are using the word expectation in the game, extend the word by adding “s” at the end of the word and enter it as expectations. It will help you earn more bonus points in the game. Extending all the possible words to the board is quite easy to get more points.

Leading chum

Continuous gameplay can make you a leader in the game. There will be a leaderboard champion every week, and playing regularly will put you at the top of the leaderboard.

Keep track of achievements

To become a leading chum in the word game, you should keep track of your regular achievements. Use different statistics and learn new words by paying close attention to the game and comparing it with others’ achievements to become a pro in the word game.