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healthy ears

How ears classified and what are common problems in the ears?

The most common problem is wax lodged in your ear, which makes you feel uncomfortable. You should not clean it by yourself with foreign objects; this may damage your ear. You should visit an ear care center like to remove the wax.

The ear is classified into three layers.

  1. Outer ear
  2. Middle ear
  3. Inner ear

Outer ear

This is visible to everyone: the external ear canal, which forms a slightly s-shaped cover over the ear drum. This is about one inch long, and the cartilage bones are covered with a thin layer of skin that is very sensitive. This portion causes infection, injury, wax formation, itching, and other problems.

Middle ear

This is also known as the eardrum, ear bones, and air space that are placed behind the ear drum. This connects directly to the throat. This portion is sensitive to pressure changes and can cause trouble with the nose, a throat infection, and allergies. This can also cause chronic diseases, and very loud noise that directly reaches the eardrum may cause loss of hearing.

Inner ear

This is the deepest part of the ear; this portion contains the nerve that carries the information to the brain. The inner ear is subject to injury, loud noise, toxic substances, or birth defects, which can lead to loss of hearing.

healthy ears

Common ear problems

  • Swimmers ear
  • Surfers ear
  • Wax buildup
  • tinnitus

Swimmers ear

The swimmer’s ear or the ear of a person with excess moisture content in their ear is irritated, causing itching and pain. This can be cured by using antibiotic drops that are preferred by the expert to avoid hearing loss in the future.

Surfer’s ear

This is found usually in males around the age group of 20-30. In this case, the patient experiences no pain and is not able to notice unless it causes loss of hearing. This can be cured by surgery with experts (

Wax builds up.

It is uncomfortable when excess wax lodges. You need to flush the wax with the help of an ear care center.


Tinnitus in the middle ear is caused by a pressure change in the ear drum. This causes heavy pain, fever, and even hearing loss when this case is not treated properly at its initial stage.