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Ignite Children’s Love For Learning and Excel In English

English is known and tagged as the universal language in these times, which shows that it is a commonly used language around the world. This simply proves how important it is for today’s generation to learn to speak, read, and understand it. But what are the other reasons why learning English is a must?

  • There are more opportunities when it comes to careers. Knowing that understanding and speaking English is now a basic requirement when applying for job positions shows how it is now strongly advised for people to excel in the said language.
  • People will have access to more information around the world because books, websites and even media’s common medium of communication is English.

The common reasons above are the fuel for parents to enter their children into an excellent English learning institution, which TAS has been doing for years already.

Excel in English with TAS

The Alternative Story or TAS is here to provide an excellent English Programme for children. Starting them young is very important because it will help them have an easier way of understanding the language as they grow older in life. This english tuition centre singapore has the heart to ignite the love of children to learn English. Their heart for endless possibilities made changes in the lives of their students. Rest assured that the learners will improve and be fueled to love the learning processes.

Here at TAS, learning is not just a task, the teachers will make it fun and engaging for them to see it as a lively place to learn. As their love for learning is ignited, students will surely love to go through the variety of programmes they are offering. No worries because the students will be catered professionally, ensuring that they are relaxed and just enjoying the English classes.

Does the student want to learn from home?

No worries because TAS is offering online classes too. Aside from regular schooling, they also offer a new way of learning today. With just a few clicks away from the students’ digital devices, they can already learn English.

Those who prefer on-site or face-to-face interactive programmes, do not hesitate to get in touch with them now. Simply contact them at +65 6914 6601 or send them a message on their email address at The team will get back to those inquiries immediately.

Discovering TAS will surely make a difference to the children of this generation who need to learn the universal language that society has today.