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Is A Serviced Apartment A Wiser Choice To Book For?

Are you a traveler in Singapore and out-of-no-where to stay? There are many hotel options to choose from, yet you can’t decide which one to book for. You think several times about which hotel can satisfy your needs and the service fee offered when you check-in. Worry no more with the singapore serviced apartment as it provides you with a complete room to stay – great accommodations of:

  • Dining area
  • Kitchenette
  • Washer and dryer

With these available in your room, you are given the convenience you need from a home. You can cook meals and do some laundry for yourself if you are very meticulous when it comes to washing your clothes.

Offer short and long-term rental

You heard it right, whether you want to stay for a short time, or even for a long-time rental, you are free to stay. Staying in Singapore for your entire tourist visa is possible, especially if you want to explore everything in the country. A 3-month tourist stay in the country will be enough for you to visit great tourist spots while staying in Singapore’s serviced apartment.

If you only want a short-term rental, you are free to have your stay in the serviced apartment as it offers you the complete amenities, like staying in a 5-star hotel in SG.

Excellent housekeeping and timely maintenance

If you are busy and want to take all your time to visit places in Singapore noted on your bucket list, the housekeeping and timely maintenance services will do your thing. Let these people do the upkeep while you are enjoying your stay in the country.

Pet-friendly apartment

Not all serviced apartments are accepting renters with pets alone. They are very meticulous when it comes to the cleanliness of every room. But, this serviced apartment was built differently. It is the first pet-friendly serviced apartment in SG. You don’t need to worry if your pet will be left alone at home or in a pet sitter, you can always bring them with you while on your stay at a serviced apartment.

Book to reserve now, more guests and travelers are booking for their stay at this serviced apartment because of the complete accommodation and amenities they offer. Most tourists choose to have their stay in serviced apartments, especially for a family or group of friends.

Experience the perfect balance of convenience in a serviced apartment SG, a place like home.