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Mistakes to avoid when selling a private house

The process of selling a private house is in many ways similar to selling an apartment, but it has its peculiarities.  Know the mistakes that exist when selling a private house, and when is it better to start selling. And if you don’t want to fall into this and can happily and easily sell them to and once you sell to them they will look after everything and if not try to learn about what mistakes to avoid.

 Mistake 1. Selling a house without land registration

According to the law, it is impossible to sell a house without documents for the land plot on which it is installed.  If for one reason or another, you do not have documents for land, you need to obtain them, that is, the land must be registered in ownership (for example, privatized or redeemed) or officially leased.  Otherwise, the deal will fail.

If the land is on a lease, you can sell the house, but according to a slightly different procedure: together with the contract for the sale of the house, it is necessary to draw up an assignment agreement for the right to lease the land and register the transfer of the right to lease.

sell a house Mistake 2. Inadequate price

To quickly sell a house, you need to correctly assess its value.  There are two approaches here: costly and comparative. The first option involves determining the costs of buying the same land and building a similar house.  Also, when selling a house, many estimate its value based on the costs for its purchase and repair, landscaping, installation of a new fence, etc. This is a mistake, since these amounts may not be comparable – especially taking into account inflation and depreciation of repairs and houses. In the second option, you compare your house with similar ones for sale and determine its market value.  The more comparisons, the more accurate the result.

When comparing your home with similar ones, consider the following parameters:

  • the location of the house;
  • the materials from which the house is made;
  • the possibility of year-round living;
  • condition of the access road;
  • availability of gas, electricity, wells with water, autonomous sewerage (septic tank);
  • ecological situation in the area.