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Navigating the Leap: Build a Strong English Foundation through illum.

As soon as a person is born, their parents are already thinking and begin preparing for the education they rightfully deserve. However, it is common knowledge for people that access to education varies significantly among nations. It is one of the reasons why there are different movements for education, fighting for its freedom and accessibility for all. They are also envisioning a world where no barriers can stand along the way for those who strongly desire and are eager to pursue education.

In the world of education, the English language plays a significant role as one of the fundamental pillars of learning from the beginning up to adulthood. Aside from that, there are specialized fields of study exclusive to learning of the universal language that many individuals from today’s generation are taking. Many are aware of it because of their own experience, wherein they first encountered it at a young age and continuously learned it until they were already adults. It simply shows that learning is a lifetime journey.

But has anyone ever wondered why studying the English language holds such strong importance in this modern society?

One of the strongest reasons is its title as the universal language, or simply understood as the common language for people regardless of backgrounds and roots. It is why it plays a significant role in the career run of someone.

Primary To Grade 8 Tuition

Navigating the Leap through illum.e

Instilling the significance and role of the English language in children from an early age is highly important. It will surely encourage them to take it seriously. It is even better if they understand to what extent it can have a great impact on their lives.

Every child needs excellent and affordable English tuition classes at illum.e today. From primary to english tuition for secondary, they ensure that it is tailored with a high-quality offer of English learning. These are the rates that they offer for secondary English tuition classes:

  • Lower secondary: $70 per 2-hour session – For lower secondary students, each session spans two hours for tutoring.
  • Upper secondary: $80 per 2-hour session – For upper secondary students, each session spans two hours for tutoring.

All of these sessions aim to provide students with comprehensive and effective English language learning and enable them to excel academically. For those interested to check out their campuses, they can be found at:

  • Jurong Campus
  • Novena Campus
  • Bukit Timah Campus
  • Parkway Campus

Feel free to explore their offerings and reach them on their readily available contact details. Rest assured that they will address any concerns raised to them.