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Understand the concepts of transactional analysis

Briefly, transactional analysis is a psychological theory of human behavior. Especially important is interpersonal communication. Unlike transactional analysis, however, which relies on several concepts, transaction analysis is highly sophisticated.

Unlike previous psychological theories, Transaktionsanalyse shows that human personalities cannot be categorized. The theory covered a wide range of life circumstances and scenarios. These include

 Ego state

The foundation of transactional analysis is the ego state. There are three types of ego states in this case: the parent ego, the child ego, and the adult ego.

Inner drivers

According to transactional analysis, there are five types of inner drives:

  • Be flawless!
  • Make others happy!
  • Make an effort!
  • Be powerful
  • Act quickly

The inner urges, as seen here, are often positive. Despite this, it is difficult to meet all of these demands simultaneously. A conflict can arise when the impact of inner desires becomes too powerful. A few key drivers are usually dominant, preventing further potentials from being realized. To overcome these drivers, you’ll need considerable mental strength.


Psychological games

The transactional analysis also includes the concept of psychological games. One of the parties in this communication pattern is experiencing oppressive feelings as a result of this pattern of communication. There are many different kinds of psychological games. These games are often based upon early behavioral patterns. Playing Persönlichkeit games can be used to evade responsibilities and to avoid potentially disastrous situations. Psychological games can be used to get attention, even negative attention.

Idea of passivity

The concept of passivity is part of the transactional analysis. As the word itself implies, each day brings new problems and issues that need to be resolved. A passivity is when despite suffering, someone does nothing to modify an unwanted condition.