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What are lvt floors and it’s purpose

In fact, LVT floors were born as an alternative to wood and laminate parquet, subsequently stone, concrete, metal and other decorative effects were also added. In fact, LVT floors are very new, constantly evolving. They made their appearance less than a decade ago, practically it is a product aimed at the future and more and more will be added to the current decorations, even if the most popular are always the parquet effects.


How to clean, maintain and preserve LVT floors? Routine maintenance is easier than you think. To clean vinyl surfaces, a damp sieve and neutral detergent is sufficient, vinyl floors do not need aggressive detergents, because they are already antibacterial, so you only need to remove dirt and dust luxury vinyl flooring in saint paul mn.


LVTs are good both for new and for renovations, but in the latter they find a privileged application. These floors are an optimal solution to change the look of an environment, without eliminating the previous flooring, just cover it.

Often in renovations there is a need for a low floor , so as not to have to make too expensive works, change the doors, not to raise the floor level a lot and not to upset the existing furniture. LVT floors respond very well to this need. They can be used in all rooms of the house , including bathrooms, kitchens, entrances and in many commercial environments such as shops, hotels, offices, to renovate and give new life to spaces with old or damaged floors.

So, all that remains is to choose between LVT flooring to be laid with glue Click interlocking LVT floor. The click installation system consists of assembling the various elements of the floor together, using special joints. It is called floating laying or even dry laying (i.e. without glue) or click laying … but if you want a totally stable, permanent and fixed floor, then there is the LVT floor with total bonding. A floor that in only  1.5 or 2 cm. thick, it contains a compound that is so technological that it can also be used in environments where traffic is high.

The LVT are excellent floor coverings. The reasons for choosing this material are many:

 Low thickness – (variable from 1.50 to 7.5 cm. According to the type) Installation speed – (both with floating and glue method) Water resistant – (PVC can be water repellent) Non-slip – (PVC floors usually have a good anti-slip coefficient) Antibacterials – (PVC is naturally a product little loved by bacteria) Soundproofing – (most floating lvt floors can knock down 13 to 19 dB).