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Why No Social Media is a Good Rule For Limos

The opinions that various people tend to have surrounding social media and the like can be pretty polarized once all has been said and is now out of the way. The reason behind this is that social media has brought both positive changes to the world as well as negative impacts that are quite difficult for anyone to end up ignoring if they are the sort of people that want to obtain a fact based world view rather than living in some kind of fantasy world.

One negative aspect of social media that we feel is pertinent is that people have stopped living in the real world in favor of a digital space. When you rent a limo service Flint MI, you don’t want the people around you to have their faces buried in their phones after all. This would ruin the experience for you, and it would probably make their own experience less enjoyable than might have been the case otherwise as well. Hence, making it a rule that people are not allowed to use social media can generally be a decent enough thing for you to do.

You can obviously take a few pictures here and there and share them to your socials, but when this starts to result in you getting distracted you might want to put your phone down. If no one is using social media, this will result in them taking in the limo ride to the fullest extent of their faculties instead of finding themselves lost in a digital realm that wouldn’t really have all that much of an impact on the real world in any meaningful manner worth mentioning.