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Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting – Some Tips Every Beginner Must Know

Deer Hunting is a practice that can help the environment by bringing back balance in the ecosystem. At the same time, deer meat is a great source of organic nutrition, which is highly beneficial for your health. Furthermore, taxes that come from hunting goes to different conservation efforts, such as research, habitat management, and more. So it’s a great activity you should get into if hunting is legal in your area. Of course, you have to get your hunting license and get yourself familiarized with the different rules. So if you’re a beginner wanting to start, here are some tips we made for you below.

Deer HuntingPut Yourself Out into the Field

If you want to start deer hunting, you need to be out into the field. You can’t learn how to hunt if you don’t familiarize yourself with the surroundings. It’s imperative that you learn the terrain and how to navigate it. At the same time, you can hitch with a group of experienced hunters first to learn it all first-hand. Nobody can learn how to properly hunt just by searching the answers on the internet. The best thing you can do is to know where to camp, learn where the deers are, and prepare yourself for a long hunting season.

Make Sure to Wear the Right Attire

Just like how a basketball player wears the right attire before playing a game of ball, deer hunters also need to wear the proper dress code. For instance, during warm season, you should wear layers because it’ll be very cold in the morning and hot during the day. For bow hunting, make sure all the layers are camouflaged. On the other hand, gun hunters should wear enough orange, so orange vests work great because you can wear them over parkas or t-shirts. For cold weather, you can choose to wear coveralls and heavy coats. Finally, find waterproof boots to keep your feet dry and warm while traversing the field.

Deer HuntingKnow What Tools You Need

Apart from your weapon, you should prepare some things beforehand. When you kill your first deer, you should have a sharp knife that can easily gut the animal. After that, a rope is important, so you can hang your dead deer while you continue to hunt. A tarp is also necessary because it’s where you will place your deer while you drag it back to your cabin or truck. It’s much easier and keeps the body free from any debris along the way. Find a tarp that’s about 5′ by 8′ wide.