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japanese a5 wagyu

Why Domestic Wagyu Beef Lives Up to the Standard

Moroccan Wagyu Meatball

Man is always looking for variety in everything, from delicious food to the most necessary, and this pursuit to satisfy his taste buds, there is a variety of delicious dishes all over the world. Japan is famous for its Kobe beef and the Japanese eat this beef in the same way as sushi.

Kobe beef comes from a livestock breed called Wagyu, and Kobe is one of the famous regions of Japan where the japanese a5 wagyu comes from. Until the 20th century, the consumption of four -legged animal meat was prohibited in Japan, undoubtedly strongly influenced by Buddhist traditions which restrict the consumption of meat, as well as other cultural and other influences, such as conscription during Families, who restricted beef consumption.

japanese a5 wagyu

What Are Some Alternative Meats?

For a long time, the Japanese lived on wheat or rice and seafood eaten with chopsticks, although the taboo on meat was lifted for a while, but people have always japanese a5 wagyu  eaten it differently from the usual . It was the beginning of the 20th century when people started to eat it and it became very common and very famous and known all over the world as Japanese beef.

Western cuisine has also reached the young generation of Japan, but people always japanese a5 wagyu  appreciate the traditional way of eating Kobe beef, which is finely sliced, cooked in the traditional way and eaten with hash.After the development and mechanization of rice culture, beef has become more widely consumed, because a large number of project animals have been fattened and shot. And thanks to the development and economic conditions, people could afford the luxury of eating beef.