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Get answers to septic system myths.

Nowadays, there is a lot of misinformation about septic systems, and if you believe it will at last lead to wastewater bathroom flooding. You always need to know about plumbing before you start the work. Also, you need to be prepared in case you have any emergency plumbing work. You can visit to know about emergency plumbing works. Let’s look at the septic system myths.

Septic system myths:

  1. Septic tank replacement is not necessary: in the case of septic tank longevity, people will tell you the tank needs replacing at least once in 20 years, and some may advise you that the tank will last for a lifetime if it is well maintained. But the actual truth lies between both. No matter how well you maintain the septic tank, it needs replacement at any point in time. But with regular pump-outs, appropriate waste disposal, and efficient water use, the septic system can last for 20 to 30 years or more.
  2. Pump-outs are unnecessary: regular septic tank pump-out is mostly every two to three years once necessary for proper septic tank maintenance. Pump-outs are necessary when solid waste reaches around 30% to 50% of the total storage capacity. During the pump-outs, the professionals will empty the entire tank and ensure the tank is completely clear of solid sludge. If you avoid pumping, it will result in expensive repair bills, systems longevity, and clogs.
  3. Tank pumpings: a pump-out must be processed if there are only high solid levels in the tank. A professional will perform a sludge test to represent the solid levels in the tank.
  4. Repairing is more advisable than pumping out: this point matters about money. If you have insufficient money, you can opt out of the two options. But, the cost for pup-out is less than repairing, and pump-out is more recommendable. So opt according to your budget. You can visit if you have any emergency cases.


Overall, it is advisable to undergo inspection by professionals at least once in one or two years to avoid unnecessary problems. You can gather more information from the website